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Emerging Talent

Say Tola / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
Vae Savorn, 20, plays Khmer traditional drum. KT/Say Tola

Vae Savorn, 20, was noticed for her talent playing drums the first time she tried at the age of 12.

A member of the girl artist group named, “Methea”, she recalled that she could play well after she was taught once by her grandmother.

“My grandfather was an instructor in traditional instruments,” she said.

“He wanted to cultivate the skill and pass it on to his next generation so my grandmother got me involved when I was 12.”

When Ms Savorn grew up, she started to sing and learn other Khmer instruments but felt sad that many young people didn’t support what she was doing.

“Although I can not earn a good income to support my life, I never feel pity for myself because I love it,” she said.

“Rather, I will strengthen myself more. And if people still do not give support, I won’t give up this job because people will understand its value later on.”

She insisted that young people would come back to appreciating the value of traditional arts.

She said artists also have value, as she has, and believes she can promote girls who have abilities comparable to boys.

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