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Khmer book review Brasat Brok Slek

Review by Say Tola / Khmer Times Share:

“Brasat Brok Slek” was written by Kong Bunchhoeun and published in 2000. The book is divided into seven main chapters and depicts problem in a rich family in the 19th century.

In the first chapter, the author raises lots about Khmer people gambling at that time on cock fighting.

Many conflicts surround the female character “Noun” whose father wanted to kill those who defeated his birds.

Gambling also left her father with many debts, so Noun became a servant for a rich family in which her boss had two wives already.

In the second chapter, the book shows Noun’s life working for the rich family. The family had no child to pass their wealth on to and the father became interested in and fell in love with Noun.

The first wife did not disagree with the relationship because she too was worried about the lack of heirs. But the second wife was not happy to see her husband marry a third wife.

In a later chapter the second wife becomes jealous. She tricks her husband by choosing a fourth wife for him. Her husband didn’t love the girl but agreed because of his worries about not having children.

A year later, the first and the third wife became pregnant. Unfortunately, the infant of the first wife died at birth. The husband was working away from the area and Noun decides to give up the baby to the first wife.

The husband came back unaware of what had happened.  But after listening to the second and fourth wife, he abused and evicted Noun from their home. Noun missed her daughter every day.

When her daughter grew up, she always came to talk to her outside the family home. Although Noun loved her, she didn’t let the girl know she was her mother.

The book ends when Noun comes to protect her daughter from a group of robbers. Noun was seriously injured.

Later on, the husband and daughter find out that Noun had not been at fault and had sacrificed everything for the happiness of her child.

They all came to visit Noun shortly before she passed away. The book showed that the husband strongly regretted what happened and wished to meet a wife like Noun in the next life. Sponsor book by scholar library

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