Ministers to regulate hazardous goods

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Camcontrol has banned contaminated sauces. Supplied

A government working group has met to discuss strengthening a draft law on the management of hazardous goods such as poisonous chemicals and flammable materials.
Revisions to the law are intended to protect people, animals and the environment from potentially dangerous substances.  
Commonly used hazardous goods include petrol, paints and pesticides. 
Um Sotha, spokesman for the Industry Ministry, yesterday said that changes to the law would be sent to the Council of Ministers for consultation, before going to the National Assembly for approval.
He said: “We are going to push for this draft law to be adopted as soon as possible to improve the management of hazardous goods.” 
Cham Prasidh, Minister of Industry, said the law would reduce risks in the manufacturing, use, transportation, storage, import and export of hazardous goods.
Relating to a separate food safety issue, Mak Pichrith, the director general of the Commerce Ministry’s Camcontrol department, issued a notice to provincial officers, ordering them to prevent the import of two products; Yuan’s Oyster Sauce and Golden Oyster Sauce. 
The move came after the Hong Kong food safety centre detected the presence of chemicals in samples of the sauces. 
Mr Pichrith also urged the authorities to inform supermarkets and other vendors to remove the products from sale.

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