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Humble Pie

Review by Rithy Odom / Khmer Times Share:

Anyone who does not recognise the notorious British personality and world-class chef Gordon Ramsay must live in a black hole. For beginners, he is widely known through the shows “Kitchen Nightmare” and “Hell’s Kitchen”.

Mr Ramsay is known to the public as a strong-willed, stiff-necked, brash and demeaning persona who operates countless successful restaurants, not only in Britain but around the world. Unknown to most is his personal life, which is the core narrative of the autobiography “Humble Pie”.

This book gives a rare insight into the intimate life of Mr Ramsay, especially his troubled childhood with his rather disturbed father, which shaped his ambitions, from being a footballer to becoming a cook.

At one point, his family moved a lot; Mr Ramsay describes his life as equal to nomads. One part of the book focusses extensively on his family, including his troubled brother, a drug addict, and how he survived without a lot of money.

Readers will find in this narrative a counterbalance to the misperception the general public has of the chef, exploring how Mr Ramsay built his cooking career from scratch. He describes as “going one step ahead and 10 steps backward” so he could work with prestigious chefs around Britain, and working on a yacht for weeks without reaching land.

Like many notable chefs around the world, he strives to give meaning to cooking that most junior chefs fail to comprehend nowadays, thinking only of earning money. In the early stages of his career, Gordon works endless hours to keep up with the brutal hours of famous restaurants.

Through this book, you will see how devoted he is to people who have talent and are capable of cooking. Many of his former staffs at Aubergine, his first restaurant, in which he has a 10 percent share, are now head chefs at restaurants in New York, Brussels, and Tokyo.

Gordon Ramsay can now be thought of as a god of cooking, with extensive influence in the culinary world. This book is recommended for those who have some background knowledge of him. This is an amazing book for those who feel directionless in life.

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