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Khmer Rouge app explains its origins, and key events of Pol Pot era

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The Khmer Rouge History application for smartphones or tablet lets users learn in detail about the Democratic Kampuchea regime. Information on the key events of the Pol Pot regime are collected on this application to help the user understand the history of this period. All the stories and personal recollections included in this app come from the testimony of survivors. This educational app has films, photos, music, survivors’ testimonies, written articles, and findings of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. Consisting of accurate and standardised information validated by Cambodian and international experts, the textual and audiovisual content, in Khmer and English, offers personal and collective histories of the Khmer Rouge regime. It is a powerful tool for fostering intergenerational dialogue between Khmer Rouge survivors and youth. The apps are divided into eight chapters. These chapters tell about the background of the Khmer Rouge, how it developed, the fall of Democratic Kampuchea, and a lot more detailed information that will increase your knowledge. You can get this educational application from both App Store and Google Play.

Choose a chapter to read

Start with Chapter 1, which is about how the Khmer Rouge came to power, and read through Chapter 8, about the fall of the regime, by clicking on the chapter links on the home screen. The information on the app is in Khmer and English.

Detailed information

Within each chapter, there is a lot of detailed information on that particular time period. Also, you can contribute an account of your own experience of that dark period.

Video and photos

Accompanying the written article by the authors are pictures and videos. Some are original primary sources, others are pictures and cartoons based on survivors’ accounts.

Timeline information

The Democratic Kampuchea regime, which lasted for approximately three years, did not come out of nowhere. It occurred in the context of a historical period, influenced by events that led up to it. This application also provides you with a timeline of key events that contributed to the rise of the Khmer Rouge, helping to explain how it occurred.

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