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Kirirom’s eco-friendly city receives boost from shares

Sum Manet / Khmer Times Share:
vKirirom Pine Resort is located in Kirirom National Park. Supplied

vKirirom, the Japanese holding company in charge of vKirirom Nature City, has succeeded in collecting $5.3 million through third-party allocation of new shares, according to a recent article published in the Japan Times.

vKirirom also holds A2A Town Cambodia, the entity behind the vKirirom Pine Resort and the Kirirom Institute of Technology (KIT).

Takeshi Izuka, president of A2A Town Cambodia, said vKirirom Nature City aims to take advantage of the world’s latest IT trends to create a sustainable city with an IT university at its core.

“We aim for higher growth by providing greater amounts of educational institutions and opportunities, better living environments, developing leisure facilities and working places to non-Cambodian investors, starting from those coming from Japan,” Mr Izuka said.

“We will also be strengthening our operation structure and marketing scheme for further business expansions.”

vKirirom Nature City is home to the Kirirom Institute of Technology (KIT), an academic institution with a world-class IT engineering training program. According to the Japanese company, programs like this are needed to put an end to Japan’s loss in competitiveness due to a shortage of IT engineers.

“We seek a solution to the accelerating aging population and educational gap through internet and AI-based education systems, innovation in tourism using shared economy and pursuit of AI innovation in urban and industrial standards, as well as modern living.”

Built over 10,000 hectares of land inside Kirirom National Park, vKirirom Nature City is an urban development project that seeks to integrate eco-tourism principles.

“This project currently consists of KIT, vKirirom Pine Resort and vKirirom Second Home, which conducts the planning, constructing and contracting of sub-leases for the dormitories. We are constantly seeking to develop this business and increase the vKirirom community,” Mr Izuka added.

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