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Fisherman safely home

Ros Chanveasna / Khmer Times Share:
Voeun Vonn is welcomed home by his family after his harrowing ordeal at sea.KT/ Ros Chanvesna

A Cambodian fisherman who was rescued by Brunei navy forces after being found clinging to a basket in the middle of the South China Sea returned home safely yesterday.
Voeun Vonn had jumped into the ocean on Tuesday last week, fearing for his life after an argument with crew mates.
“I spent one night and half a day swimming in the ocean without food or fresh water,” he told Khmer Times.
“I was using a plastic basket to help me stay afloat. I still don’t know why they wanted to kill me.”
Mr Vonn’s mother, 46-year-old Sum Thouth, said her son had been working as a fisherman and moved to Thailand in August 2016.
“I was so glad to be able to see my son again. I will organise a Buddhist blessing ceremony and invite monks to sprinkle holy water on him so that it will keep it safe from harm,” she said.
“I had prayed to Buddha to help guide my son back home,” she added.
Admiral Tea Sokha, deputy commander of the Royal Cambodian Navy, said that his repatriation was made possible due to cooperation between the Cambodian embassy in Singapore with the International Organisation for Migration.
“His chances of survival and reuniting with his family were one in a million,” Admiral Sokha said.
Mr Vonn, from Siem Reap province’s Chi Kraeng district, was spotted 175 kilometres off the Borneo coast by officers on a Brunei Navy ship which happened to be passing by on its way to regional exercises in Singapore.

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