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A day in the life of a garment worker

Mayuri Mei Lin​ / Khmer Times Share:
KT/ Mai Vireak

Cambodia’s garment and textile sector is one of the pillars of the manufacturing sector, bringing in upwards of $5 billion annually. Responsible for 10 percent of the kingdom’s GDP, it is an integral part of the country’s economy. 
However, the people working there, a large majority of whom are women, remain some of the most marginalized, with their constant battle to be paid a livable wage and now, their fight against sexual harassment.  
A report by poverty reduction NGO Care this week found that a third of garment workers faced a deluge of sexual harassment on their way to work and in the very factories where they spend most of their days. 
The report also said rampant sexual harassment costs the industry $89 million a year in productivity loss.

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