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Workers protest as salaries fall short

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Workers call on the PM to help. Supplied

More than 300 garment workers yesterday protested outside Prime Minister Hun Sen’s home in Takhmoa town to seek intervention after their employer failed to pay their September salaries.

The workers are from Gawon Apparel Co. in Kandal province’s Takhmao town.

Prak Chanthon, an officer of Coalition of Cambodia Apparel Workers’ Democratic Union, said more than 300 workers from the company protested to submit a petition for help.

Mr Chanthon said the September salary was due on October 10, and noted that the 1,000 workers at the factory were only given $50 rather than their usual salaries of $153.


“The workers are upset and that’s why they came to Prime Minister Hun Sen for help,” he said.

Kim Sreyoun, one of the workers, said that the factory often paid salaries late.

“Every month, the company pays the salary in two or three instalments,” she said. “It makes life very difficult for us.”

Lim Sarom, chief of the labour dispute office at the Labour Department in Kandal province, said that the workers should have come to him rather than the Prime Minister.

“I met with the company to negotiate, they confirmed that they also have not got money from their buyers and that’s why salary payment is delayed,” he said.

“They promised that the company will pay the full September wage by Saturday.”

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