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SOYO announces Season II short film competition

Say Tola / Khmer Times Share:
South Chheang Leng, centre, SOYO business development manager. KT/Say Tola

After achieving success with its short-film competition for Season I, SOYO has officially announced the competition for Season II, which is open to all filmmakers.

Aiming to give an opportunity to the next generation of film producers, the contest has received financial support from Sabay Digital, while ComeTogether Films is facilitating training and technical assistance and proposing ideas.

According to South Chheang Leng, SOYO business development manager, the theme of this year’s contest is “Love”. He said films on this topic can both carry an educational message and cater to the tastes of young Cambodians.

“Producers can submit their script to the director, and the director will check and provide feedback to them. Twelve stories will be selected to be shot, with each of these teams receiving a $1,000 reward,” Mr Chheang Leng said.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Deependra Gauchan, creative director of ComeTogether Films, said his firm’s partnership with SOYO and Sabay Digital was aimed at developing young talents through training, monitoring and technical assistance.

Mr Gauchan added: “If people are interested in the future of Cambodian cinema, they should be looking at the current young talents, because they will have a huge impact. And the people who won in Season I will become mentors for Season II.”

“We will have four competition seasons each year and the winner from each season will participate in the annual SOYO Award, which is like the Oscars. And the themes will vary dramatically” Mr Gauchan said, adding that they could include more educational themes such as traffic-law campaigns.

Mr Gauchan said that a good film needs a good script; an artistic vision from the director; a high standard of technical achievement in terms of filming and sound recording; and strong acting.

To join the competition, send a script to SOYO before Nov. 4 at [email protected]

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