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Fourth chemical bomb uncovered

Ven Rathavong / Khmer Times Share:
Experts checking the third bomb site which caused 10 villagers to suffer from exposure to chemicals. Supplied

Bomb disposal experts have found another chemical bomb in Svay Rieng’s Korki commune after villagers reported yet another barrel bomb in a stand of bamboo.

Lieutenant General Ke Da, the deputy secretary-general of the chemical weapons authority, said it was the fourth bomb found in the commune.

On Thursday, 10 villagers fell ill after being exposed to chemicals after they saw metal in the ground and tried to dig it up, thinking they could sell it as scrap metal.

They pierced the bomb’s casing, releasing some of the chemicals, causing them to vomit and collapse. They were sent to the provincial hospital.

Lt Gen Da said that after a team of experts went to check that bomb, villagers reported there was another chemical bomb in a clump of bamboo nearby.

He added the team would take some time to remove the bombs and asked local people to come forward if they had any information about other bombs in the area.

Deputy district governor Sour Mol said: “Villagers reported three sites where there are bombs.”

Two were in a pagoda and school and two more were discovered in Ta Vaing commune.

According to the owner of farm where the latest bomb has been found, known only as Kranh, her mother fainted when she tried to clear that area in the 1980s and foul-smelling smoke covered the area.

She added that she had never reported this to authorities, saying the barrel bomb broke after her brother plowed the land.

On Wednesday, one of the chemical bombs buried at a school and pagoda in Svay Rieng province was unearthed by a team of experts. That bomb was wrapped in industrial grade plastic today and placed in a special container, along with soil recovered from the site.

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