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Emerging Talent

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Cheng Yongvey, 25, an artist for Pleng Chan. Supplied

Cheng Yongvey, 25, a graduate student majoring in painting at the Royal University of Fine Arts, has been passionate about painting since she realised at a young age that she had a talent for it.

Born in Takeo province, Ms Yongvey said she started by drawing landscapes. When she began primary school, she drew pictures in books and on the blackboard using chalk.

“When I started studying painting, my parents weren’t thrilled because they thought the major didn’t promise a good income,” she said.

Ms Yongvey said she understands that it is important to make money. Therefore, she has tried to be more creative and produce art works that are more attractive and get attention from people.

“I once won third prize in a painting competition on the theme of ‘The Power of Women.’ In my painting I included the written phrase ‘Woman are the backbone of the country’,” Ms Yongvey said.

Ms Yongvey said that painting a good picture requires creativity and emotion. In 2016, she worked as a volunteer at UYFC’s Angkor Sankranta. She is currently working as an artist for Pleng Chan.

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