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Medical school entrance exam conditions change

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Students sit for the high school exam. KT/Mai Vireak

The National Exam Committee on Saturday changed the qualifications to sit exams for entrance to medical schools after Prime Minister Hun Sen made the suggestion on Facebook while replying to upset students.


Students who passed the national high school exam with grade lower than a C before 2014 were denied a chance to sit the exams at the time.

On Friday, students messaged Mr Hun Sen on his Facebook page, complaining that they too should be allowed to enter the exams like students who have achieved grade lower than a C after 2014, the year the Education Ministry began cracking down on exam cheating.

“Please examine this case, in my opinion, do not limit entrance based on the grade,” Mr Hun Sen said on his Facebook page on Friday. “Allow all students who passed the exam to enter.”

The National Exam Committee then released a statement on Saturday, noting that students who passed the exam with low grades prior to 2014 could now also sit the medical university entrance exams.

“All students with grade 12 certificates can apply to the medical exam,” said Sen Lim Nov, a National Exam Committee member.

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