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Cambodian held over fatal hit and run in Australia

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A file photo shows traffic in Sydney. Wiki Commons CC BY-SA

A Cambodian man accused of a fatal hit-and-run in the Australian city of Sydney at the weekend has been detained in prison after he allegedly tried to cover up the crime.

The Australian Associated Press reported that Seng Hong Mam, 35, appeared in court yesterday charged with driving the vehicle that struck and killed Natasha Gadd, 19, as she walked home in a city suburb early on Sunday.

A witness said in court documents that a white pick-up truck travelling behind the victim had been swerving minutes before the incident.

The driver reportedly rounded a bend, saw dark figures on the left of the road, swerved to avoid them, and struck Ms Gadd in the back, AAP said.

She was thrown through the air and landed heavily on the pavement while the driver sped off. She died on the roadside as a result of significant head and spinal injuries, while her mother watched on.

Mr Mam was arrested on Tuesday night. Officers also seized a white pick-up with a new rear-view mirror that had been glued and taped in place.

At Mr Mam’s court hearing yesterday, the police prosecutor said the repairs to the rear-view mirror were an attempt to cover up his involvement in the hit-and-run.

The court also heard Mr Mam had nine previous bail breaches, was driving on a suspended licence at the time of the crash, and only made admissions to his role in the incident after police arrested him.

Mr Mam was denied bail due to being a flight risk. He will appear in court again on November 22.

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