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Japan police plan for sarin attack at 2020 Games

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A file photo shows Japanese riot police responding to an incident. Wiki Commons CC BY-SA

TOKYO (AFP) – Japanese police in riot gear practised for a chemical weapons attack yesterday in an anti-terror drill aimed at tightening security for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Anti-terrorist forces rushed to a Tokyo rugby venue in a scenario where terrorists had planted a bomb in a nearby building and released the lethal nerve gas sarin inside the stadium.

Local media said the drill was also designed to protect venues for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

A bag supposedly containing an explosive device was removed with a robotic arm, while special forces trained to deal with biological and chemical agents disposed of the sarin gas before decontaminating the endangered area.

Japan is developing advanced crime-prevention systems to guard against attacks, such as hi-tech gates that can detect tiny explosive particles in a matter of seconds.

Japan and Olympic organisers have also promised to cooperate with overseas law enforcement.

Local police are strengthening security at soft targets such as including sports venues, schools and shopping malls to ensure the Tokyo Olympics and the Rugby World Cup a year earlier are hosted safely.

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