Festival drivers urged to take care

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Truck drivers bussing garment workers from home to work and cautioned during Pchum Ben. KT/Fabien Mouret

The National Social Security Fund has urged truck drivers to be careful carrying garment workers to and from their home towns during Pchum Ben after nearly 30 people were killed over the five-day break last year.

Fund director Ouk Samvithya said in a letter to drivers they should respect the traffic laws and not drive when drunk.

Mr Samvithya said that everyone had to wear a helmet when riding motorbikes and wear seat belts when driving trucks, however far or near the destination.

“Respect each other while driving, check your vehicle before travelling, do not drink and drive, do not drive over the speed limit, do not overload and do not talk on the phone while riding motorcycles or driving cars,” Mr Samvithya said. “We hope all workers and truck drivers will heed this call.”

He added that every year the NSSF and Labour Ministry urged truck drivers to pay attention to their driving to keep workers safe while travelling.

Pchum Ben runs from September 19 to 21 and all garment workers are allowed to take three days off to visit their families in their home towns without a loss of wages.

Last year, nearly 140 people were injured in traffic accidents in addition to the deaths.

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