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Alarm sparks faintings

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
The workers have been given time off work to recover. Supplied

Nearly 100 workers at the KKN3 garment factory in Koh Kong Special Economic Zone fainted yesterday after an emergency alarm sounded.


Local authorities said no one was seriously ill.

Mondol Seima district governor Hak Leng said 92 workers fainted when the alarm went off at about 7am. They were sent to a referral hospital.

Mr Leng said an electrical fault set the alarm off, and added that the workers were fearful of anything that happened in their workplace and were not in good health.

“That’s why they fainted,” he said. “The factory allowed all workers to take a rest and they can come to work when they recover.”

Mr Leng added that the factory checked the wiring and repaired it so that the same thing would not happen again.

Mr Leng said most of the workers had recovered and had left hospital by last night.

Earlier this month, the ministers of labour and health signed an agreement with the National Social Security Fund to provide health services to workers.

So far, the NSSF has signed agreements with 1,273 public health facilities and 11 private health clinics in order to provide service to workers across the country.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said last week that he would visit factories where workers have fainted.

Meanwhile, Labour Minister Ith Samheng issued a statement with information about letting workers take three paid days off for Pchum Ben.

He said the employers should pay workers before Pchum Ben. If employers could not pay the full amount in advance they should pay at least half of it.

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