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Waste disposal firm threatens to pull out of Sihanoukville

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:
The company director has said the road leading to the dump site is causing too many issues. Supplied

A major waste collection company has threatened to pull its services out of Sihanoukville citing unsustainable losses.


A statement submitted to the provincial administration by the firm Cintri explained why the service was no longer viable.

“The dump site is remote and the road leading to it is sloped, dilapidated and slippery. It is very difficult for our trucks and there are frequent overturns,” Seng Savy, company director, said in the statement to provincial governor Yun Min.

“The cost to the firm does not justify the size of investment required, especially since there is still no official agreement between the provincial administration and Cintri.”

Chheur Yoeun, a vendor from Otres beach, said her business is small, so she manages her rubbish herself to avoid paying a service fee for waste collection.

“I just put my rubbish in a pit and burn it myself. My business does not produce much rubbish, so I can handle it,” she said.

“The people selling near me do not pay either. They just do the same as me. Only those with big businesses pay for collection from the trucks.”

A member of staff at the Preah Sihanouk branch of Cintri said the company makes a loss in the province because many residents refuse to pay fees.

“Only about 40 percent of residents pay fees,” she said.

Governor Min said Cintri’s service is being extended while negotiations to solve the issue are underway.

“We are asking them to continue collections to give us time to find a solution. We cannot say if we will continue to work with Cintri in future,” he said.

“Right now, the rubbish is mounting up and Preah Sihanouk City Hall is collecting waste using small trucks, but is not able to collect it all.”

“The firm complained to us. We understand they are making losses but still need to spend on workers,” he added.

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