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Young entrepreneur learns the power of networking

Say Tola / Khmer Times Share:
Top-Line Business Networking. Supplied

Seeing a need for local entrepreneurs, managers and business owners to boost their networking capabilities, the Excellent Advertising & Event Company recently organised the Top-Line Business Networking event. Held at the Ofuro Hotel, it was aimed at providing a forum for businesspeople, including young entrepreneurs, to swap ideas with their local and international counterparts.

Chan Chhornika, company director, said that while there are now many businesses operating in Cambodia, networking events involving both local and foreign companies are still quite rare.

“Normally, businessmen and women simply swap name cards, but they never exchange ideas. So we created a platform for speakers to share their personal experiences of running businesses. Sometimes, new businesses struggle to handle problems alone, but when businesspeople meet they can share ideas with one another.”

Ms Chhornika added that about 100 local companies joined the Top-Line Business Networking event, gaining the opportunity to mix with foreign companies. Although it was her company’s first time organising such an event, she believed it had been very successful.

According to Lim Houng, 27, CEO and founder of First Solutions (Cambodia) and a speaker at the event, problems always arise in running a business, but she tries to handle them by looking for the root cause.

“When I launched my company, I faced many challenges in terms of managing staff. I learned to handle such problems by creating standard operating procedures for each department. My staff now understand all the procedures well.” She said her company was now more successful, as its operations are more efficient.

Speaking as a young CEO, she said her message to people was to never give up when they encounter problems.

“Those who want to be entrepreneurs should try to learn from the experiences of others. You can learn from both success and failure. This approach helps you to anticipate problems and maintain a high rate of success,” Ms Houng said.

Tho Thany, 24, a representative of Tokyo Consulting Group, said she believed that participating in the event would give the company’s service and brand a lot of exposure.

She believed the event would benefit both small and large companies, by helping them to build networks locally and internationally. Local businesspeople could use the experiences shared by the speakers and apply the lessons to their own businesses, Ms Thany said.

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