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Traffic Law Gets New Look

Ven Rathavong / Khmer Times Share:

Riders will not need a license for motorcycles under-125cc after amendments to the Traffic Law. 
The government has also scrapped the need for car passengers to wear seatbelts, among other changes. 
Prime Minister Hun Sen announced the revisions after public reactions to enforcement of the law early this year.
The National Assembly has received draft amendments after the cabinet approved changes to eight of its Traffic Law articles in September. 
In the first 11 months of the year, the number of traffic accidents was down 12 percent and there have been 3,338 reported traffic accidents, down from 3,789 during the same period last year.
Yesterday, an Angkor Express Company bus taking passengers to Bangkok in Thailand slammed into the back of a truck which had stopped at the side of National Road 5 while the driver was changing a tire. 
The accident is said to have happened because the bus driver was traveling at high speed in the dark and could not see the branch the truck driver put up as a warning sign.  
District traffic police chief Captain Nay Savong said two passengers and the truck driver’s assistant were slightly injured.
On the same day, in Pursat’s Krakor district, two SUVs collided while traveling in the opposite direction, injuring four people.

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