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TV Anchor Seeks Justice Over Alleged Violence

Ros Chanveasna / Khmer Times Share:

A reporter and television presenter from Siem Reap province yesterday urged the government to put pressure on the provincial court in the hope it would speed up proceedings over an assault complaint he lodged two years ago while on assignment.
Apsara News Network (ANN) reporter Taing Ho, 35, told Khmer Times that in November 2014 he was assaulted by two Frenchmen when he was reporting on a roadblock, based on a tip by local residents.
Residents had told him that the two foreigners, who owned a nearby resort, were attempting to barricade a public road.
“I went down on assignment to report on a story that broke in Kochok commune, the capital of the province,” Mr. Ho said. “Unfortunately, I was attacked instantly by two French nationals – one is the father, the other is his son – who are the owners of the Samar Villas and Spa resort.  
“If I hadn’t run away, I wouldn’t have lived to see my family. However, I only got slightly injured during the attack.”
He added that he had filed a complaint with the provincial court immediately after the attack so that action could be taken against the pair in line with Cambodian laws.
“Until now, my case still seems to be quiet and I have been waiting for nearly two years to get justice, but the court has done nothing so far,” Mr. Ho lamented.
However, the general manager of the resort, Phauk Sreytouch, denied all the accusations against her French employers, saying the two Frenchmen never assaulted the reporter.
She added that during the incident, Mr. Ho had arrived at the scene, where the road was being widened, and started taking pictures without permission.
“In fact, my boss did nothing wrong. He [Mr. Ho] has filed a complaint against him at court but because my boss is a foreigner he can’t fight anyone in the Kingdom,” she said.
“[Mr. Ho] came here not to be a journalist but he just came here to cause trouble with my boss, like my boss is criminal.”
She said that prior to the incident, her employers had asked local authorities to widen the road leading up to the resort in an attempt to distance it from unsightly squatters who were approximately 20 meters away.
“A few years ago, we asked local authorities to refurbish and widen the road which goes to the Samar Villa, and we also planted some small bamboos trees along the road in to try and block the view of the squatters and the crowd from our guests,” she said.
Ms. Sreytouch denied that her employers had blocked the road, saying: “Traffic on the road is still normal.”

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