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Uy Sovanlongdy / Khmer Times Share:

Speak Your Green

Sep. 6 @ Plantation-Urban Spa & Resort Visit: Speak Your Green (Facebook Page) Free Entry

“Speak Your Green”, Phnom Penh’s first interactive environmental wall installation, is open to public people and environmental activists to experience public art included biodegradable and recycled materials and other statements, to raise awareness of the current environmental issues, and to jointly share opinions related to attitude and personal impact on the environment.

Top-Line Business Networking

Sep. 2 @ Diamond Island Contact: 089 38 99 44/070 575 754 Ticket: $20/Person

To offer a precious opportunity for business owners, managers and other interested youth to assemble and learn in a business forum, Top-Line Business Networking (TBN) will create a business platform that allow all participants to make a network with each other and gain experience from a young keynote speaker who is a CEO Founder of First Solution.

Running for the Environment

Sep. 3 @ Olympic Stadium Contact: 010 879030/ 012 392509 Ticket: $5/Person (Free T-Shirt)

The charity event, “Running for the Environment”, is organised by Australian Centre for Education, aiming at promoting a clean environment and charity concept, which creates a half-morning two-kilometer running in combination with a few fun challenges together with allowing participants to enjoy exhibition in terms of souvenirs, catering and other companies’ booths.

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