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Young novelist helps to promote fellow writers’ works

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Kim Dyna

Youth Today’s Say Tola interviewed Kim Dyna, 26, a young novelist who recently graduated from a TESOL programme at Pannasastra University of Cambodia. Her novels mainly focus on love, because she thinks this theme can entertain people while allowing her to offer encouragement to women. She is currently creating a video to promote other authors’ work.

YT: Why are you interested in women’s issues?

Ms Dyna: Most of the stories on my blog deal with women’s issues like the pressure to look good, and finding a partner, which are problems that keep women from moving forward. Some women are very capable, but unless they look good, they often lack the confidence to apply their talents.

These days, some women choose to delay finding a partner because they want to make a career, but they are judged by society as strange or unlovable.   

Sometimes I write to inspire myself so that I don’t become a victim of that kind of judgement. I believe that if such works can inspire me, they can also inspire other people.

YT: What is your life like as an author?

Ms Dyna: Though the rewards have been few, I’ve never thought of giving up writing novels. I want to encourage other authors to keep writing, as sharing is at the heart of writing.

And it’s really important that authors are properly credited for what they do. I am happy when my work becomes widely known, and for people to share it, but I’m unhappy when people don’t credit me by name. It feels like my rights have been abused and that I have been devalued.

YT: Recently you have posted videos promoting authors. What is your goal?

Ms Dyna: Besides writing short stories and novels, I have created videos with the aim of promoting authors’ novels. I like reading and writing, and I support all authors’ work. Therefore I sought a way to promote their works. Creating videos seemed like an effective way to communicate with people who like reading. However, the videos were not widely watched.

Perhaps I’m not very good at making attractive videos. On the other hand, the problem might be that the reading culture in Cambodia is still limited. I have faced many challenges, but I have also received encouragement from many people as I try to promote authors’ work.

YT: What is your advice for those who want to be authors?

Ms Dyna: I would encourage all people to read – read whatever they like. And for those who don’t like reading I would urge them to start by reading a novel. At first I didn’t like reading either, but I started with a novel, which led me to read many other books.

To read stories by Ms Dyna, visit her blog: KIMDYNA19.wordpress.com and search for Vithei Kumnith videos.

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