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Cambodia’s cool container market

Mark Tilly / Khmer Times Share:
The Jet’s Container Market in Phnom Penh really takes off after dark and has proved to be very popular with people looking for food, drinks and entertainment. KT/Fabien Mouret

Rivalling the outdoor splendour of its Thai counterparts, Phnom Penh’s Jet’s Container Market, which is near Aeon Mall and close to the river, is the height of middle-class cool.

Featuring pubs, restaurants and markets built into shipping containers, it brings an original brand of open air shopping and dining to the country’s capital city.

While it may be the wrong time of year to enjoy outdoor markets without bringing a raincoat, or at least an umbrella, the weather won’t dampen the buzz you feel when exploring the market’s 224 stalls.

The restaurants are filled with young, hip Cambodians, feasting on Khmer or Korean bbq, or slurping down spicy noodle soups, beers and cocktails.

With live music and some funky gadget stores, there’s something undeniably infectious about the market’s atmosphere. It’s proved to be so popular that there are plans to open others around the city.

We hope they do.

The container market is on National Assembly Street, near Street 78. Its hours are 4pm-11pm every day.


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