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Reckless boater attacks police

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:
The injuries sustained by the commune police. Supplied

A man who seriously beat two commune police officers in Battambang province was yesterday questioned by the provincial court.

On Monday, Prey Chas commune police chief In Sena and his officer Thoeun Pheakdey demanded that a motorboat driver named San Len, 25, stop his reckless driving, which was disturbing other river users and worshippers at a local pagoda.

Mr Sena said the offender was stubborn and provocative, refusing to heed the police officers’ demands and instead escalating his noisy, reckless driving.

“Seeing him driving the motorboat with no silencer and causing the big waves to disturb other boats around him, we shouted at him to stop, but instead he began scolding us,” said Mr Sena.

“After that, he drove the motorboat around our floating office 12 times, like he was provoking us instead of submitting to us, so we took our motorboat and chased him to his home to question him,” Mr Sena added.

Mr Sena said once at the suspect’s home, the offender continued verbally abusing him and his officer as his father tried to calm him down and make him respect the police.

But rather than listen to his father’s advice, the suspect attacked both police officers, hitting them with a paddle and punching them.

“I chased him and he grabbed an axe and threw it at me, and then my officer came to grab him, but the offender punched him on the nose,” said Mr Sena.

“His relatives held him and then I tried to subdue him, but he broke free again and punched me another time in the right eye.”

Mr Sena was left with two black eyes and his officer suffered a broken nose. The suspect was arrested later that day by provincial police after Mr Sena filed a complaint.

Mr Sena said the suspect had spent time in jail for forestry crimes after failing to pay fines issued by the fisheries authority.

Chet Vanny, deputy provincial police chief, said that the suspect was sent to the court for questioning yesterday. Court spokesman Seng Phanith said charges had not yet been laid.

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