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Seven days to move cars from Freedom Park

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
The Daun Penh administration issues the removal notice with a deadline of August 26. Supplied

Owners of all cars for sale around Freedom Park and Chas market have seven days to move them out of the area or face removal of their vehicles by the Daun Penh authority.

After complaints from residents that the road is chaotic and blocked by cars for sale, the Daun Penh administration issued the removal notice with a deadline of August 26.

Daun Penh district Governor Sok Penh Vuth said if the car sellers do not obey the notification, the authority will impound the cars without responsibility for any damages.

“We hope all brokers will understand that we need to keep public order in the city. We informed them first and gave them seven days to comply,” he said. “If there are still cars parked for sale in the area after the deadline, we will implement their removal without any responsibility for any damages. Please find a new place for your cars.”

Car salesman Chin Chiet, who used to sell cars at Freedom Park, said some of the brokers could not find a new place in only seven days.

“I have found another place to sell my cars, but I must spend $950 per month, for only 10 cars. Some brokers have still not yet found a new place to park their cars,” he said. “The action of the Daun Penh authority affects our businesses.”

Another car salesman Sem Bunna said he has been selling cars around the park for nearly 20 years.

“Seven days is a short time. How can I find a new place to park my cars?” he said.

Local resident Sem Davuth said that most of the residents in the area were happy with the authority’s move.

“In fact, that area belongs to the state, but many brokers park their cars there and it creates a lot of traffic jams,” he said.

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