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Pay the bills without using cash

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Pi Pay is a one-stop, all-in-one application that enables you to pay your bills without using cash at a huge variety of shops, outlets, and restaurants in Cambodia. Finger scan, QR code, in-app purchases: the possibilities are endless.

You can also send money to other Pi Pay users, cash-in and cash-out at designated Pi Pay Hubs or send money directly to and from your digital wallet. Plus you can chat and exchange messages, photos, videos, etc. with family and friends. It’s safe, it’s quick and it’s convenient.

Discover new places in your city by browsing through Pi Pay’s extensive merchant network, then take advantage of special promotions and loyalty programmes. Pi Pay provides app users with discounts from many shops, restaurants, and cinemas in Cambodia.

With just a few clicks on Pi Pay you can get discounts from your favourite shops, and secure your money. Moreover, you can maintain close contacts with your network through Pi Pay’s chat function, money transfers, and virtual red envelope.

It puts the world at your fingertips. Bring the world to you with a few clicks on your smartphone. From buying coffee, movie tickets, restaurants, shopping and much more, Pi Pay ensures your daily routines are smooth and painless.

Getting started

Pi Pay is available from both Google Play and App Store. After you have downloaded this application, you can start by registering your own account. With your own account, you can use the service whenever you want in a way that benefits you.

Manage everything yourself

Managing everything from Pi Pay. You can pay bills, receive money from other Pi Pay users, transfer money from one account to another easily, and check your balance. Moreover, you can also chat with your friends through this app.

Transfer money easily

Send and receive money quickly, easily, and securely; your balance can be displayed in riel or and dollars, depend on when you fill balance.

Enjoy chatting

This app not only give you ease of payment, but also allows you to communicate with all your contacts in real time. You don’t need to log in to other apps to chat with your friends or invite them to hang out, go shopping or have dinner together.

Find locations

Discover every location that accepts Pi Pay. It’s easy to find places where you can use Pi Pay because the app shows them to you. Moreover, it provides details on the places to help you decide where you really want to go.

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