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Entrepreneur already a business veteran

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Dr Pich Sreymom, clinical director of the Sunshine Dental Clinic. Supplied

Khmer Times/Youth Today supplement’s Say Tola recently interviewed Pich Sreymom, 33 who is already an experienced businesswoman. While studying in another country, Sreymom worked as a teacher to support herself and save money to open a business. She eventually saw that Cambodia could be a good place to run a business, so she came home and made it happen.

YT: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Ms Sreymom: In 2010, I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a dental degree specialising in bone surgery (bone in mouth). I then returned to Cambodia and opened my first practice, the Sunshine Dental Clinic, in 2011.

In 2013, I opened a store selling second-hand goods from Korea, Korean Style. We have three branches now. I am also chief executive officer of Sunshine International Group, which provides 24-hour emergency medical services.

Recently I opened Faceline, a cosmetic surgery centre. I also have a coffee shop in Takmao, Egg Coffee, as well as other businesses including an import/export medical business and a construction company.

YT: What motivated you to open so many businesses?

Ms Sreymom: An opportunity opened up when some friends of mine wanted to go into business with me. While I was studying in Singapore, I worked part time. Eventually I was able to save $2,500 to use as capital for my first business.

Whenever I got income, I put it towards expanding my business. I believe that any money you spend should be invested to benefit you later. Because our country is secure now, we have many investors coming to do business in Cambodia.

However, before I invest in any business I study the demand carefully. I have to know what the business needs to do to fulfil those demands. I research it thoroughly.

YT: What challenges have you faced?

Ms Sreymom: After I opened Sunshine Dental Clinic at Sovanna, I opened another clinic, Vina Dental Clinic, in 2012. I had three rental contracts, but when they expired the rent was raised. I couldn’t afford it. I moved this business to Chbar Ampov but it didn’t work well, so I decided to close it.

YT: What message do you have for people who want to follow in your footsteps?

Ms Sreymom: If young people want to run a successful business, they have to come up with an idea and be very clear about what they want. Grab your chance whenever it comes. Money is everywhere, but you have to know how to catch it.

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