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Requirements issued for agencies eyeing Japan

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Labour Minister Ith Samheng speaks at a conference. KT/Mai Vireak

Recruitment agencies must meet 10 requirements and have no record of wrong-doing for the past five years in order to send Cambodian workers to Japan, according to the Ministry of Labour.      

Labour Minister Ith Samheng signed a document on Friday, outlining 10 recruitment, training, and management standards for sending trainees to work in Japan.    

“The Ministry of Labour instructs all private recruitment agencies sending trainees to Japan to respect and implement these ten standards,” he said.

Mr Samheng said the agencies, which charge training fees, must set clear reasons for the fee and provide support services for returning workers.   

“The agencies have to set clear fees for the workers, and they must explain exactly what the workers are paying for,” said the minister. “The companies must also provide necessary services to support workers when they return to Cambodia.”

Mr Samheng said agencies must also have no record of illegal activity related to workers for the past five years.

“The private recruitment agencies, and their members, must not have been in prison or seriously punished in either Japan or Cambodia in the last five years, relating to the recruitment of workers. This includes any contracts which require the workers to pay the company when they do something wrong, abuse or torture of workers, managing the worker’s money or property, and using fake documents,” Mr Samheng said.

Mr Samheng said the agencies would have to cooperate with the Japanese government and try their best to protect workers.

“The labour department will inspect recruitment agencies starting from September 1 onwards, in order to ensure they comply with the minimum standards of the Japanese government,” he said.

Mr Samheng said there were nearly 80 legal recruitment agencies in Cambodia which were allowed to recruit, train, and send Cambodian workers to countries such as Thailand, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

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