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Ministry warns KPP to follow protocols

Mom Sophon / Khmer Times Share:
KPP leader Suong Sophorn speaks to reporters after authorities raided the party’s headquarters. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Ministry of Interior warned the Khmer Power Party yesterday to follow protocol after the party failed to notify the ministry of KPP vice president Suong Sophorn’s nomination to party leader.

Director-general of the ministry’s General Department of Administration Prak Sam Oeun said the Interior Ministry issued a warning to the KPP to report on their actions, which the party failed to do.

“The KPP has exceeded [sending a report] over a month, which is a misconduct and the party has not notified the Ministry of Interior, which is contrary to Article 26 of the new Law on Political Parties,” he said. “So, this is a warning to the KPP to carry out their activity properly in the future.”

Mr Sam Oeun said the dissolution of the KPP, due to former party president Sourn Serey Ratha being charged with inciting soldiers to disobey orders, is still a possibility and that the ministry will wait for the court’s decision first to see how it would move forward.

Mr Sam Oeun also said that if the KPP does not follow the ministry’s instructions, the ministry would take further action.

Mr Sophorn listed the information the ministry requested from the KPP, including internal rules, appointment of the party vice president, transfer of duties as acting president, and other party structures.

Mr Sophorn said that he had given a letter of appointment as vice president and transferred it to the ministry, while some documents he still needed to provide.

Mr Sophorn said during the meeting, the Interior Ministry’s officials stressed that normally a party that did not meet the proper requirements would face difficulties and possible disbandment.

Mr Sophorn said the KPP could not guarantee 100 percent fulfilment, but had achieved about 90 percent of its legal status after he took the presidential position.

“I don’t think this will result in the dissolution of the party, because Mr Serey Ratha has already resigned from being party president,” Mr Sophorn said.

“As for the allegations against Mr Serey Ratha, which the party does not consider an offence, Mr Serey Ratha posted on a private Facebook page, which is personal, and not connected to the party.”

Mr Sophorn added: “I myself have asked the Ministry of Interior to understand and asked them to help guide us where we are lacking, so that the KPP will be able to compete in the upcoming election.”

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