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Push on for voter registration

Khy Sovuthy / Khmer Times Share:
NEC chairman Sik Bun Hok. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The National Election Committee yesterday estimated that more than one million new voters will register to vote in the 2018 national election.

NEC president Sik Bun Hok said those who had become old enough to vote along with those who did not register last year amounted to 1,412,149 people. He also said that 23,470 election offices would be needed.

Voter registration runs from September 1 to November 9.

Mr Bun Hok said that Cambodia has a population of 15,883,250. Those aged 18 and over, who have the right to vote, totalled 9,788,239. There were 7,865,033 people on the 2016 voting list.

He said the NEC needed to do its job in a balanced way.

“We must be free, fair and just,” he said. “The NEC hopes that all Cambodian people will understand the need to update the voting list.”

He urged people to register to vote on time. The NEC calendar shows that the voting list will be published on January 24.

NEC secretary-general Tep Nytha said population statistics for all areas were not the same. Some were based on Interior Ministry growth rate estimates.

“So this figure is not 100 percent correct but we have to decide to announce the temporary figures as a basis for creating offices for voter registration and preparation of materials for the election,” he said.

At the NEC, officials from the Cambodian Disabled Organisation also asked for help for disabled people in the election.

Mr Nytha said the NEC would help to ease the problem. He asked the organisation to provide the number of disabled people so that the NEC can prepare for them.   

Meanwhile, a proposed amendment from CNRP lawmakers which would let Cambodian migrant workers and Cambodians living abroad register and vote was sent to the permanent committee of the National Assembly yesterday.

Assembly spokesman Leng Penglong said the permanent committee might meet next week.

The amendments were sent to National Assembly President Heng Samrin on Friday.

CNRP lawmaker Ky Vannara said that this amendment was suggested by the party so CNRP lawmakers would take part in the permanent committee meeting.

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