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ATM blown up in robbery

Ros Chanveasna / Khmer Times Share:
The thief burned most of the ATM’s cash before making off with some booty. Supplied

A thief yesterday used explosive gas to blow up an ABA bank ATM in Kep province, scorching most of his booty before fleeing.

Provincial police chief Major General Ing Sam Ol said the explosion occurred at 3.48am in Kep town.

Maj Gen Sam Ol said a surveillance camera inside the ATM shows an unidentified person spraying the cameras with paint before setting up his explosion.

“From the initial investigation, the suspect used a gas tank to blow up the cash machine for burglary,” he said, noting the machine and glass booth were both destroyed in the blast.

At the explosion site, police found a gas tank and a pipe connecting the gas to the cash dispenser of the ATM.

“Due to the explosion, almost all of the money was burned and the robber was only able to take a little amount of cash with him,” Maj Gen Sam Ol said.

Maj Gen Sam Ol said that on August 8, $80,000 was deposited into the machine, but he was not aware of how much money remained in the machine yesterday or how much the suspect made off with.


“We are investigating the case to find the perpetrator,” he said.

Lim Seang Heng, ABA Bank public relations manager, declined to discuss the amount of money lost in the robbery.

“It was the first time for our bank to be attacked by explosive gas,” Ms Seang Heng said.

“We haven’t received more detailed information about the explosion and we are in touch with local police to investigate the case.”

Ms Seang Heng added that her bank was preparing paperwork to file with its insurance company to reclaim the cash.

“We are now waiting for the final information from local police before sending the documents to the insurance company,” she said.

In March, a Canadia Bank ATM was blown up in front of the National Paediatrics Hospital in Phnom Penh’s Toul Kork district.

In that case, the glass doors of the ATM booth were blown out, along with the keyboard of the machine, but the cash box remained intact.

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