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Seatel launches Seashop app, an online store in three languages

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Seatel has launched the Seashop app. This self-service application allows customers to make enquiries, pay for services, top up and perform other tasks.

Seashop also provides access to an online store, where you can shop for hundreds of items which vendors will deliver to your home. Users of Seashop will also find many sales promotions offered by shops in Phnom Penh.

Users of the app qualify for discounts and an award programme. You will find games, entertainment, and opportunities to win prizes.

The app can be used in Khmer, Chinese or English. It available for download on both Google Play and App Store.

Getting started

After you have downloaded this application, you should begin by selecting your preferred language, then register for an account.

Many options

Clicking on the Home button will take you to a menu of options including discounts, award programme, shopping/ordering and payments.

Become a member

To gain maximum advantage, become a member of Seashop, which will give you access to even more discounts from Seashop’s many partners. This will also make it easier to find items you particularly like. Members can also book hotel rooms.

Personal info

After opening the Home screen, you will see a button directing you to Personal Information. This will show you your payment history, telling you what you have spent, and when. Here, you can also change your password and other personal details.

Data plans

Seashop also allows you to select from Seatel’s range of data plans, which include the Monthly Value Plan and the Freedom Plan.

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