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Union leader harassed: workers

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
A file photo of garment workers staging a protest. KT/Pav Suy

More than 200 garment workers yesterday marched to Chom Chao commune hall to demand authorities intervene in a dispute with their employer whom they accuse of harassing their union representative.

Bo Thet, a union official from the Workers Friendship Union Federation at the International Fashion Royal Factory in Canadia Industrial Park, was sacked in June.

After more than 500 workers demanded his reinstatement, the company rehired him, but the workers say Mr Thet is continuing to be harassed for organising them to demand better conditions.

Lon Srey Nich, 25, one of the marching workers, said that any complaints the company has filed against Mr Thet need to be dropped.

“The company always files complaints against him after he educates the workers and the workers then want to make suggestions to the company, like getting a bit more money for lunch,” said Ms Srey Nich.

Mr Thet said he is just protecting the rights of workers.

“When I try to help the workers to persuade them to demand better working conditions, the company harasses me, complaining that I am trying to make them protest, but in fact, it is the right of the workers to ask for better conditions,” he said.

Chom Chao commune chief Va Saroeun said he received a complaint from the workers for his office to intervene in their case and would review the request.

A company representative could not be reached for comment.

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