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PM: Japanese investment in Cambodia set to rise

Chea Vannak / Khmer Times Share:
Prime Minister Hun Sen and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. AFP

Prime Minister Hun Sen praised the prospects of further Japanese investment in the country yesterday while addressing investors at a workshop in Tokyo.

Speaking during his state visit to Japan, Mr Hun Sen pointed to expanding operations by Aeon Mall and Minebea, a Japanese electronics subsidiary, as signals that other investors should also be entering the country.

“The expanding of investments such as Minebea and Aeon Mall reflects strong confidence in the Cambodian government,” Mr Hun Sen said.

“In the last five years, big Japanese companies that invested in Cambodia’s neighbouring countries have stepped in for investment in our country, establishing factories to produce electronic, automotive, and other technical materials for export.”

Mr Hun Sen added that the investment of these companies would make other Japanese companies in other sectors, including banking, hotels, and airlines, decide to invest in Cambodia.

He also raised the country’s strong points compared with regional countries to attract investors, including stability and security in politics, open policies for investment, and a young labour force, 72 percent of which is under the age of 35.

Direct flights between Cambodia and Japan run by All Nippon Airlines were contributing not only to tourist exchanges between the countries, but could also facilitate investment, Mr Hun Sen noted.

In Channy, chairman of the Cambodia-Japan Association for Business and Investment, said Cambodia was well situated in the centre of the region.

“Japanese investors mostly have a trend of investing in heavy industry in special economic zones along borders with easy transport to second countries,” Mr Channy said.

“Cambodia is located in a good position between Thailand and Vietnam for just this trend.”

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