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Fencing keeps you sharp, mentally and physically

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Every sport has its own health benefits. Fencing, a sport many in Cambodia may be unfamiliar with, is a great way to boost your health and fitness. Fencing resembles an old-fashioned swordfight, pitting two opponents wielding sword-like instruments against each other. The sport exercises all parts of the body: neck, arms, and shoulders all the way down to the lower legs. But more than a lot of sports, it can sharpen you up mentally too.

Fencing requires both physical and tactical skills. San Sokseyha, 22, a fencing trainer at the Sport Federation and an international referee, said: “There are three different types of ‘sword’ in this sport; each fits a different set of individual skills.”

The three “swords” are the epee, foil and sabre. Fencing has both physical and mental benefits. Here is an introduction to the basic moves involved in fencing and how practicing them can help you to keep fit.

Quick reactions

Fencing requires quick reflexes when you’re jousting with your opponent. “The epee is a larger type of sword suitable for a fencer who might not have the quickest reflexes and prefers to rely on their wits. This kind of sword is also better for those who have good strength and well-built bodies,” Mr Seyha explained.

Flexibility, keeping slim

The second kind of sword, the foil, is perfect for women. “This sword is good for women who are interested in fencing. Women are not always as strong as men but are often very flexible.” said Mr Seyha.  This sport requires that you can move the body quickly. Another interesting fact is that fencing can help women to slim down and reach their desired body shape.

Using your brain

Strength and flexibility alone won’t make you a perfect fencer. The sabre is commonly used by quick-thinking, tactically astute fencers. You need to be smart if you want to fence at the highest level. Fencing boosts not just physical but also mental agility by forcing you to observe and counter your opponent’s skills and personality. For this reason, fencing is good for your mind, as well as your body.

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