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Park Cafe’s unique delivery service

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Park Cafe’s customised food delivery service was launched a month ago. Heng Sengly, General Manager, talks with Khmer Times and explains why his restaurant’s food delivery service is a cut above the rest.

KT: Why did Park Cafe choose to start a delivery service?

Mr Sengly: Park Cafe launched a delivery service after a feasibility study that took a year to complete. We took into consideration two factors – internal and external realities.

Internally, we have reached an optimum in terms of our size. At times we cannot seat all our customers and some of them, unfortunately, choose to leave rather than wait for vacant tables. Externally, we also took into account the bad traffic. Because of that, many of our regular customers prefer to stay at home rather than to brave the traffic jams to dine in a Park Cafe. Also during the rainy season, we have a big drop in customers and many people, again, prefer to dine in their homes.

So, these are reasons why we decided to start a delivery service.

KT: What is the difference between Park Cafe’s delivery services compared to others?

Mr Sengly: For one, we offer a wide variety of food and are not selective of what’s available for delivery. Our service is to meet our customers’ needs. Our Asian customers prefer rice as a staple food, and some have Chinese noodles in the morning for breakfast. We have taken all these needs into account and not limited ourselves in what we can or cannot deliver.

We have also taken trends into account. Many young people prefer to order deliveries. A delivery service is also a solution for many office workers who prefer to work at their desks rather than take lunch breaks.

KT: What is the added value to Park Cafe in this delivery service?

Mr Sengly: We want Park Cafe to be a complete restaurant that includes three kinds of services – dine-in, takeaway and delivery. Most restaurants only have dine-in and takeaway.

In a takeaway service, you need special containers to transport the food and also expertise to ensure the quality of food is the same as that served to dine-in customers. Due to these factors, many restaurants do not have delivery services.

We have taken all these into consideration to ensure our customers that the quality of food in our delivery service is high, like that served in all our Park Cafe restaurants.

KT: There are many companies running food delivery services in Phnom Penh. Why doesn’t Park Cafe partner with any one of them to ensure a larger customer-base?

Mr Sengly: Park Cafe focuses on customer service and we also ensure that our customers keep coming back to dine in our restaurants. We cannot afford to compromise on customer satisfaction.

We cannot guarantee customer satisfaction if we are in partnership with a food delivery service that also does deliveries for a number of other outlets. If we go with a delivery service, it would become difficult to monitor and evaluate quality.

So, we have decided to invest in our own delivery service and also training the staff in the delivery team. It might be expensive but in the end the return on investment is customer satisfaction and repeat customers for our own delivery service. The focus of Park Cafe has always been on providing good customer service. Nothing beats that.

KT: After a month of operating the delivery service, do you see any difference in terms of Park Cafe’s sales?

Mr Sengly: In a month after launching the delivery service, we have seen our sales revenue increase. We also noticed that many of our repeat dine-in customers have tried this service. This is indeed a good sign. Currently, many of our orders are coming in from office workers.

In the future, we hope that our delivery service would contribute to about 20 to 30 percent of Park Cafe’s total sales. We also hope to develop an app that would enable our customers to order food using their smart phones.

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