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Ey Sey Storytime app designed for pre-schoolers

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times No Comments Share:

Searching for a storytelling application for young children? Try Ey Sey Storytime, a dual-language app designed to introduce kids to Khmer folk tales.

Ey Sey Storytime is the first interactive digital collection of Cambodia’s favourite folk tales aimed at pre-schoolers. The application features digital illustrations with the pleasing sounds of a narrator reading the stories.

This edutainment app, a digital library of beloved Khmer folk tales comprising more than 50 storybooks, automatically updates itself on a regular basis. It offers parents a rewarding way to interact with their kids.

The talented artists behind the app’s illustrations bring to life a cast of cool characters. Each story is told using a different visual style that your kids will love. All the content has been carefully edited to be kid-friendly and convey the original moral of each tale. Parents can relax as far as the app’s content is concerned. Only stories with suitable themes and subject matter have been selected. The app is available from both App Store and Google Play.

Choosing which book to play

After opening the app, look to the right of your screen and click through to open the library. All the stories have been carefully selected and their presentation carefully crafted with kids in mind. All have both moral and educational content.

Story resources

Once you have selected a story, you will see background information on the origin of the story, the creator of the tale, and the illustrators of the new digital versions of the stories’ characters. The whole package is attractive and guaranteed to keep your kids interested. Each page features animated interactive content.

Language choice

The user can choose to listen in either Khmer or English, a function that also helps kids develop their skills in both languages. Both the text and the narration are available in both languages.

Comprehension quiz

After listening to a story, listeners can test their memory of it by taking a multiple-choice quiz. Why don’t you give Ey Sey Storytime a try with your kids?

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