Yoga: the Path to health and happiness

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Health is important to us all, yet few people really know how to live a truly healthy life. One of the best forms of exercise – and one that is effective for people of all genders and ages – is yoga. This ancient practice involves breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific body postures.

Ty Kanha, 18, has been doing yoga for three years. She said it has helped her deal with stress and other psychological issues while also allowing her to lose weight.

“I used to be easily angered and had issues with my weight. I tried various forms of exercise including dance but they weren’t very effective for me. But after just a week of yoga classes, I felt a big difference,” Ms Kanha said.

She says she’s noticed changes over the past year in terms of both her appearance and her mood. One major source of stress for her was her Grade 12 exam. She credits yoga for helping her to relieve stress and concentrate on her studies.

Seeing the many advantages of yoga in terms osf stress-relief and health in general, Ms Kanha’s mother recently opened a yoga school.

The benefits of yoga can be summarised as follows:

Achieving your body goals

“Most people know about this, especially girls. Yoga is a good way to slim down and achieve a nice body shape, and can help you reach your body goals,” Ms Kanha said.

It depends on how committed you are. Some people are willing to devote a lot of time to it, others may take longer to get results. Anyone can achieve their goals if they are willing to practice.

Obtaining peace of mind

Doing yoga helps you achieve calmness and emotional stability. It can relieve stress more or less immediately.

Ms Kanha said, “I stopped doing yoga temporarily at certain times when I was at university. I started to realise that I was suffering from anxiety. After resuming yoga, I gradually regained my sense of wellbeing. Yoga also improves my sleep.”

Stay active, boost productivity

“I would recommend yoga for people who are experiencing pain. In particular, back and arm pain can be eased by doing yoga. Importantly, you will be more active than you were before. I recommend doing yoga for at least an hour a day,” Ms Kanha said.

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