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Wing’s proven experience is easing financial transfers between Cambodia and Singapore

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With a 75 % increases in transfers between Singapore and Cambodia, Wing is committed to further expanding its services between the two countries

As one of Cambodia’s leading mobile banking service providers, Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank is hard at work expanding its international network.

Now, Wing is using its experience and trusted reputation to build on its safe and simple fund transfer service between Cambodia and Singapore.

“With the right infrastructure, we hope to see a strong increase in financial transactions between Cambodia and Singapore, all through our safe, all-encompassing financial ecosystem,” said Manu Rajan, Wing of CEO.

Since 2018, Wing has provided “Wing2World”, a service package including the existing inbound money transfer program and a steady expansion of new outbound services to 200 countries.

“As the economy of Cambodia is growing day by day, so too is the importance of rapid financial services,” Manu said. “With transfer services like this, it’s all about helping people who need a trusted, real-time way to send money back home.”

Compared to 2018, the number of Singapore-Cambodia financial transactions conducted in 2019 through the Wing ecosystem has increased 75%. With that kind of customer interest, Wing is going above and beyond to make it even easier to send funds between these two bustling countries.

That eagerness to please is because Wing is proud to serve a growing, thriving customer base with a robust mobile banking ecosystem.

This integrated system offers an array of services such as payroll management and fund disbursement, local and international transfers, payments for bills such as utilities, loan repayments and phone top-up, not to mention a world of other miscellaneous online and offline cash payments, all provided in a convenient, secure and instant manner.

Customers can tap into all of these services through either the nationwide Wing Cash Xpress agent network or the cutting-edge, mobile technology of the Wing Money App.

With a network of almost 8,000 Cash Xpress agent booths and nearly 40,000 participating merchant points, Wing offers services to Cambodian customers from all walks of life, from local market vendors to international partners like Mastercard, Western Union, MoneyGram, WeChat, and Alipay.

With the 12th anniversary of Wing’s founding coming up on 18 August, Manu said it is shaping up to be a “really auspicious occasion” for the partnership between Wing and the people of Singapore.

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