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Cargo trains collide in Sihanoukville

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The train crash has been blamed on careless driving. Supplied

Two cargo trains collided in Preah Sihanouk province early yesterday, with police officials blaming careless driving on the part of one train operator for the accident.

Ros Key, Stung Hav district police chief, said it is the first time two trains have collided with one another.

“It is strange that the trains collided,” he said. “There were no injuries, but the collision damaged the water storage tank of one train and half of the goods onboard the second.”

Mr Key explained that the two trains had departed Sihanoukville port. The first train later stopped along the track to load petroleum from a warehouse when the second train rammed into its back-end.


“The second train driver was careless and hit the first one from the back, banging some carriages off the tracks,” said Mr Key.

“The train company is going to compensate people who suffered property damage. The trains both belong to the same company, so they will repair them themselves,” he added.

Mr Key said the Royal Railway owns and was in charge of the trains that crashed.

Otres commune police chief Chan Sna said the driver of the second train sustained a minor gash above his left eyebrow.

He added that the second train was travelling at a high speed and could not stop before hitting the first.

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