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Police investigate bid to kidnap girl of 10

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:
Police say the assailants attempted to pull the girl into a Camry. Wikimedia Commons

Police in Prey Veng province are investigating the attempted kidnapping of a 10-year-old girl, who narrowly escaped abduction after having her mouth taped shut yesterday.

Ping Von, chief of Svay Antor district serious crime office, said the girl claimed two men in a Camry car tried to wrench her into their vehicle in Traok village.

“She said they grabbed her hand and tried to pull her into the car while using tape to seal her mouth shut,” said Mr Von.

“Luckily at that same time, a motorbike repairman nearby tore an inner tube he was repairing and hopped on his moto to go and inform the owner. To the two men, it looked like he was coming to her aid, so they let the girl go and fled.”

“We are conducting further investigations,” he added. “When we asked neighbours in the area, they reported seeing such a car, along with two others.”

Mr Von said the Camry car used in the attempted abduction did not have any licence plates, and declined to identify the plates of the two other cars in order to protect the investigation.

“The girl did not say anything after the accident,” Mr Von said. “The attempted abduction happened at about 8am, but she revealed it at about 2pm when the village chief was informed of the case by her friends.”

The village chief reported it to the commune chief who then notified district police.

The case comes weeks after the Interior Ministry set up two kidnapping hotlines for tips to police after noticing a spike in Facebook posts by parents searching for their lost children.

Mr Von said the hotline numbers, 031-201-2345 and 031-601-2345, were disseminated in his district.

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