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Uy Sovanlongdy / Khmer Times Share:

The 5th Achievement and Future event

9 AM to 9 PM, Sept. 3 @ Chaktomuk Conference Hall

Contact: 010 965 125/078 353 578

“The 5th Achievement and Future” event, this year’s version of the annual event organized by Reek Sia, will be hosted this year on Sept. 3 at Chaktomuk Conference Hall with a combination of a free morning workshops on the topic “Lkon Khol.” Amazing lkhon khol shows will be jointly staged by professional dancers from three different regions.

Baitorn Festival

July 29, 30 @ Exchange Square (Hong Kong Land)

Contact: 093 23 70 80

Free entry

To raise awareness of the importance of the environment and to encourage people to love nature, the environment and going green, the Idea Team is hosting a two-day event on waste management. Youth will be engaged with many beneficial activities and ideas, including do-it-yourself gardening and ways to create a better environment. There will also be an art exhibition featuring works made from recycled materials, a permaculture exhibit, live painting and an arts and craft competition with $350 to be given away.

Business workshop

Aug. 12 @ Zaman University

Contact: 078 900472/ 096 409 5952

Tickets: $15

$8 (bookings before Aug. 8)

Young entrepreneurs, students and youth who are interested in business are welcome to participate in a workshop focused on “The Understanding of Business Pitfalls.” They will gain in-depth knowledge of ways to prevent business failure and factors that can lead to bankruptcy. They will also hear from experienced business people.

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