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NagaWorld gets green light to resume gaming operations

Khmer Times / Khmer Times Share:
An artist’s impression of NagaWorld’s new resort complex Naga3. NagaWorld is the country’s largest private sector employer. Supplied

A Certificate of Clearance has been obtained by NagaWorld, issued by the Ministry of Health, which would enable the integrated resort to reopen the VIP and Slot Gaming Machines with effect from Wednesday.

An announcement by NagaWorld, cited by Khmer Times, said: “On 4 July 2020, a technical team of the MoH had conducted a physical site inspection of the casino premises of  NagaWorld and concluded that the Company is in compliance with requirements of the health rules and also with the Standard Operating Procedure as set by the MoH in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

“NagaWorld is proud to be selected by the Ministry of Health to resume gaming operations and set the standards for other gaming operators in the country. The reopening of the VIP and Slot Gaming Machines businesses is a test run under the current condition and development of COVID-19.

“The number of COVID-19 cases in Cambodia are relatively well contained and the Royal Government of Cambodia has won praise and accolades in the world for the measures adopted to keep the rate of infections low with zero mortality. Total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is 141 as of 1 July 2020, of which 117 cases (83 percent) are imported. 131 cases are cured (93 percent recovery rate).”

The statement added that the reopening of NagaWorld is a cautious approach and hence the guidelines issued by the MoH will be strictly implemented by the company. The MoH has also advised that the NagaWorld reopening is a model and has issued a two-step approach for implementation.

“The reopening of the economy and hence reopening of the casino business is a step-by-step approach and shall serve as a template for application for reopening of business by other casinos, if there is any such request for permission to reopen.

“Upon success achieved by NagaWorld in contributing to combat the COVID-19 situation, it is expected that other members of the casino industry in Cambodia shall sign a similar MoU with the MoH, comply with the measures imposed by the MoH and shall have a full set of standard operating procedures in the operation of the business amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The MoU was signed by the MoH and the company on June 30 and comes into effect on July 7, one week from the date of the signing and after the establishment of the measures required by the ministry.

In the course of reopening its business, NagaCorp shall comply with the following measures:

– Quarantine measures in force in accordance with the Sub-Decree No. 129 dated 17 September 2015 and the letter No. 101 of the MoH dated 15 May 2020;

– Establishment of safety equipment at the casino premises;

– Establishment of five isolation rooms for prevention measures in case of any occurrence of health issues of the guests;

– Informing the MoH in case of positive COVID-19 found on any guest;

– Collaborate with the working group with the aim of supervising the reopening of its VIP and Slot Gaming Machines businesses; and

– Compliance with all relevant terms and preventive measures set by the guidelines in the SOP submitted to the MoH in respect to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

In case of non-compliance by NagaCorp of the above-mentioned measures, the MoH is entitled to give warning with specific timeframe for NagaCorp to rectify the issue and in case of not rectifying, the MoH shall reserve its rights, including temporary suspension of the activities of the casino until the remedies have been rectified.

A working group, members of which shall be jointly appointed by the MoH and NagaCorp, will be formed to advise and supervise the ongoing business of the premier gaming company in Cambodia. The working group shall consist of officials from the MoH, Ministry of Economy and Finance, General Department of National Police and Phnom Penh Municipality and any other ministries or institutions which the MoH deems necessary.

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