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Sanofi Cambodia hold Forum on the Allergic Rhinitis


From 28 June to 04 July 2020 the World Allergy Organization celebrates World Allergy Week, focusing on allergies, which are affecting health and lives of people around the world. Sanofi Cambodia join the campaign by raising awareness on Allergic Rhinitis and indoor pollutions to healthcare professional in Cambodia and its staffs.

On June 18 Sonofi hosted a Zoom webinar from Singapore to Cambodian health care professionals (HCPs) on “SEA Allergy Forum for Effective Management of Allergic Rhinitis”. 44 healthcare professionals including, general physicians and specialist in ear, nose and throat, participated in the forum. Many experts on Allergic Rhinitis around the world joined the forum as speakers and presented key notes, research findings and experience on the topic.

“Sanofi Cambodia always focuses on improving access to medicines and healthcare to Cambodia people so that they can live a healthier and fuller life and we believe that providing education and raising disease awareness is a continuous and endless journey for Sanofi in Cambodia” said Ms. Sathirakawinskul Monsinee, Head of Cambodia Operations

Mr. Soeurn Sovanda, Sanofi medical manager says: “Cambodian people have been exposed to indoor pollution inside homes and working environment. Small particles from air-conditioners, smoke from incense, dander shed from lovely pets, and other sources have caused us different disturbing symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, red eye, etc. These symptoms hinder people from performing well, thus, making us miss the best parts of life.”

Sovanda recommends people to clean home and workplace, air-conditioner more often. We should avoid burning incense and candles, smoking cigarette and stay inside the house during rainy and windy season. And most importantly we should seek medical assistance if we have symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis.

This year’s World Allergy Week campaign is just one of the various disease awareness and prevention campaign that Sanofi Cambodia actively supports. The pharmaceutical company aims to provide education on scientific updates on healthcare and medicine to healthcare professionals and to the Cambodian public.

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