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Sam Rainsy buries himself with populism

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Letter to the Editor

Sam Rainsy is trying to destabilise peace and jeopardise development using all available means. This time he has been trying to use fabricated history to inflame anger among uninformed people and avenge his father for being labelled by history as a traitor. In times of instability, Sam Rainsy will be more effective in inciting revolts, using populist propagandas and creating opportunities from fear.

Sam Rainsy is an incompetent coward who frequently deploys populist propaganda to gain popularity without consideration for national cohesion, happiness of the people and the lives of his followers. But populism has brought him multiple convictions.

Without Samdech Hun Sen’s forgiving and reconciliatory heart, Sam Rainsy would never have come out of jail.

His populist ideology has seen him using anti-Vietnamese rhetoric to incite racial conflict and international war with a neighbouring country. His party and colleagues resorted to denial of the existence of the Khmer Rouge genocide, the establishment of S-21 prison and Cheung Ek as the most notorious torture and execution sites in Cambodian history and perhaps Asian history.

He has tried several times and failed to provoke national unrest, hatred and distrust against the Royal Government of Cambodia by alleging unfair border, immigration and economic treaties between Cambodia and Vietnam using fake documents.

During the last commune/sangkat council election his party attempted to entice people into voting for the CNRP by promising them an incredible and unsustainable financial package of $500,000 for every commune in Cambodia.

After failing all these, Sam Rainsy has recently attempted at fabricating history, accusing revolutionary and war heroes of treason and associating the Khmer Rouge genocidal perpetrators with real patriots who wanted salvation, freedom and justice for the Cambodian people. At the same time, Sam Rainsy reconstructs history to exonerate his father and makes himself a fake hero.

In an attempt to clear his reputation as a serial convict, using his Facebook page he accuses Cambodian leaders who liberated Khmer people from genocide and have worked so hard to build peace as traitors.

I am proud of Samdech Hun Sen and admire his leadership of Cambodia for over 32 years, transforming Cambodia from the ash of the Khmer Rouge genocide to peace and rapid development which we are enjoying today.

Samdech ended the Khmer Rouge political organisation. He has brought democracy to Cambodia. He is the unchallenged hero of this country and this should never be contested.

Because a convict attempts to question his achievements, I attempt to explain. But before I do that I would like Cambodian people to remember that: “If you do something you will make some mistakes, if you do nothing you will make zero mistakes and you can only criticise.”

First, I think that Sam Rainsy is delusional. Samdech Hun Sen does not lead his country for foreign interests, but is an effective leader who has led Cambodia to achieve UN Millennium Development Goals (UNMDG) and is continuing toward completing UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

Samdech is a skilful international negotiator and a dedicated politician and leader who sacrifices with blood and tears to serve his people. Cambodia has always been a sovereign state even when our country was under Vietnamese occupation in the 1980s.

I consider occupation as the cost of liberation from genocide and protection of Cambodia from the return of the Khmer Rouge regime, which had established a coalition of forces called the Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea (CGDK) in 1982. There were many Khmer Rouge collaborators in this coalition. Some people would call them traitors.

Sam Rainsy was perhaps one of them. Sam Rainsy’s father had been a traitor in February 1959 under the regime of our late king-father Norodom Sihanouk. The father and son are the same: rebellious, stubborn and traitorous.

Sam Rainsy was traitorous because he betrayed Funcinpec in 1995. I can also call him a traitor now because he is trying to destabilise the peace and stability that Cambodian people are enjoying and that Samdech Hun Sen and his colleagues have worked so hard to build.

Second, the Cambodian government has done very well throughout the 1980s, 1990s and now to demarcate our borderlines against illegal encroachment. Cambodia has signed treaties that formalised existing border posts and put in place new posts.

Cambodia has also established new settlements along her border and created incentives for people to live there. Today Cambodia’s borderline is more formalised and better recorded than at any other time in history.

Cambodia has strengthened our immigration laws against illegal immigration and enforced these laws every day. What has Sam Rainsy done to help our country’s border besides illegally pulling border posts, creating fake documents and inciting our people, violating international law in the process?

He has done nothing and he will never know how difficult it is to secure our territorial integrity. He even tried to taint Cambodia’s international reputation and lobby against the exports of Cambodian garment products overseas, putting several hundred thousand jobs at risk.

At the same time Sam Rainsy enjoys a relaxed life in France. Will Sam Rainsy, who is also a French citizen, always remain loyal to France when everybody knows that the land of Kampuchea Krom and the island of Koh Tral were lost during the French colonial period?

Third, the K-5 plan was an act of patriotism implemented to defend our border against Khmer Rouge and CGDK infiltrations. Most of our workers in the K-5 plan died during attacks by forces of the CGDK.

The attacks killed workers as well as cutting off medical, food and other essential supplies. The aim of the plan was to defend our border using trenches, barbed wire, fences and watch towers along the entire Cambodia-Thai border with obstacles and mines at certain battle fronts.

This plan was contributive to preventing the return of the Khmer Rouge.

In addition, Cambodia was able to defend herself with her own armies after Vietnam withdrew in 1989. We remember and honour those who lost their lives trying to build this defensive belt including Vietnamese volunteer armies, who had provided salvation to the people and contributed to the downfall of the Khmer Rouge political organisation.

Fourth, Cambodia has developed to new height under Samdech Hun Sen’s rule and rapidly integrated the country into global institutional systems. The government has established many natural reserves and created laws which protect our wildlife and forests.

The government has made sure that our farmers have land titles, they pay less electricity fees and no tax on agricultural land, our children have basic education, there is schooling in remote areas, there is healthcare for everybody and there are paved roads in all villages.

Among cultural achievements, Cambodia has three world heritage sites in 1992, 2008 and now in 2017, enjoying international status and protection, drawing millions of tourists every year.

Cambodia is also creating proposals to list eight additional temple sites. With the economy growing consistently and rapidly, Cambodia has created investment laws which serve the interests of our people resulting in billions of dollars in FDI and creating millions of jobs for the poor.

The government has attracted nearly one billion dollars more every year in foreign aid from Western and Eastern countries. The government under Samdech Hun Sen has done enough to make sure that development is rapid and sustainable, while the negative impacts of development are minimal.

At 68, Sam Rainsy has become hopeless in his ability to win democratic elections. He has buried himself with populist tricks, even swapping parties and trying to change his party’s name multiple times from Funcinpec to Khmer Nation Party to using his own name for his party and finally to the CNRP.

Whenever his party loses, he would claim that the election was not free and fair while international observers and foreign governments issued statements supporting the election process. If the election process is not free and fair, why did the CNRP and Sam Rainsy himself accept the results in the past two general elections?

Clearly Sam Rainsy is trying to destabilise peace and jeopardise development using all available means. This time he has been trying to use fabricated history to inflame anger among uninformed people and avenge his father for being labelled by history as traitor.

In times of instability, Sam Rainsy will be more effective in inciting revolts, using populist propaganda and creating opportunities from fear.

Yara Suos,

CPP lawmaker

• The opinions expressed in this letter are the writer’s and any readers who wish to express their opinions in Khmer Times’ Letters to the Editor section are welcome to do so.

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