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Kratie urges for increase in agricultural production

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The Kratie Provincial Department of Agriculture has urged people to increase their agricultural production and set up ‘safe vegetable stalls’ which sell produce that has less chemicals and are certified to be safe for consumption.

Speaking during the press conference on the progress of Kratie province at the Council of Ministers yesterday, the director of the Kratie Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department, Try Sopheak, said his department urged farmers in every district to increase their crop yields.

“These ‘safe vegetable stalls’ will be open every day, not just on the weekends, selling cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, corn and other vegetables,” he said. “This is a test case. If it works well, we will open more ‘safe vegetable stalls’ in the districts where there is a market to help the farmers that grow these ‘safe vegetables’.”

“I went to the villages to encourage farmers to produce ‘safe vegetables’ to supply to the province. We plan to open 20 vegetable farms and 45 livestock farms,” he added.

Kratie provincial governor Var Thorn said that among the 410,000 people in Kratie province, 80 percent are farmers.

“We (provincial governor’s team) aim to carry out this work by introducing new training and agricultural techniques which are resistant to climate change. We plan to increase and expand irrigation for crops and paddies and help reduce the impact of natural disasters,” he said.

The government has banned the import of vegetables from neighbouring countries during the pandemic.

Kratie provincial authorities has since implemented a number of activities to encourage local farmers to breed fish and poultry to meet the demands of the province.


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