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WEDuShare offers a one-stop online scholarship resource

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Looking for an easy-to-use, comprehensive source of online information on scholarships?

WEDuShare is a website devoted to helping young Cambodians access information on local and overseas scholarships, volunteer positions, internships, exchange programmer and more.

Its mission is to make it easier for young people to access important information, as well as giving them inspiration and help them transition to a new stage of life. Gathering various kinds of information on one platform also helps you prepare the materials you need to apply for a particular scholarship.

Links to the organisations offering positions or scholarships are provided.

Getting started

To begin using the website, go to www.wedushare.asia. You’ll find many opportunities and scholarships to apply for, both in Cambodia and abroad.

Narrow your search

At the left of the screen, a search function lets you look for a specific scholarship or program, you can filter your search by country or degree level (bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., etc.).

Learning materials

WEDuShare not only provides you with scholarship information, but also study materials. To choose this option, click on Articles next to the Home button.

Next, click on either Features or Blogs. Both link to a wide range of articles that will increase your knowledge and motivate you. This is also a great source of tips on how to successfully apply for scholarships.

Find what you need 

Near the top of the website there are three buttons offering you three functions. Click the “All” button to get information on local and overseas scholarships. “Abroad” limits your search to information on overseas programs, while “Local” links to a list of opportunities in Cambodia.

Start preparing

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, select the item and you will find information on degree level, country and application deadline. Sections on eligibility, benefits, program descriptions and how to apply will help you prepare.

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