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What Minebea will drive Cambodia to in the next five-years?

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Tetsu Shiozaki, GM of Regional Affairs for Southeast Asia, Minebea Mitsumi Inc. and President of Minebea (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Supplied

“Be a company where our employ­ees are proud to work in. Work in harmony with the local com­munity and Promote and contribute to global society,” says Mr Tetsu Shiozaki, Gen­eral Manager of Region­al Affairs for Southeast Asia, MinebeaMitsumi Inc., and President of Minebea, (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.’ “Our Cambo­dia plant realises these company credos,” Mr Tetsu added.

Minebea (Cambo­dia) Co., Ltd was es­tablished in Cambodia as the country’s first manufacturer of preci­sion electronic compo­nents and commenced production in 2011, and currently operates in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ). Minebea start­ed with an investment of $23 million in 2011 and reaching $250 mil­lion in 2017. Then it had $372 million capi­tal investment in Cam­bodia in 2018, with the company expecting to reach $400 million by the end of 2019.

“At the first step, we started with just doing the assembly process for components im­ported from overseas. But now for the sec­ond step, we started production of inhouse parts.

“The role of the Cambodian plant in the group is becom­ing increasingly impor­tant as a mass produc­tion base,” says the Minebea (Cambodia) president. Mr Tetsu said that at present, Minebea has been maintaining approxi­mately 7,000 employ­ees and will increase to 20,000 employees in the future. The com­pany has conducted a smart city project in Cambodia, implement­ing high-efficiency LED streetlight using wireless networks. In enhancing efficiency by switching to LED lighting with wireless dimming control, the project realised a re­duction of approxi­mately 70 percent of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions amount when compared with conventional High In­tensity Discharge (HID) lighting providing the same level of bright­ness (based on compa­ny’s research).

Mr Tetsu adds that the Cambodian plant has space for business expansion. “We would like to make full use of these space and fur­ther contribute to the Cambodian economy,” he said, adding that all the products produced in Cambodia were ex­ported to Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, United States, and European coun­tries such as Germany, Slovakia and others.

Tetsu says that the smart city project has been highly evaluated and will be set up in various cities in Cam­bodia. Through these projects, we would like to make Cambo­dia the most advanced smart city showcase in the world, and provide safe, secure and com­fortable living to the people of Cambodia.

“Our business activi­ties are rooted in the land of Cambodia and we train our employees with a long-term per­spective. We would like our employees’ parents to be assured that your sons and daughters are working for a Japanese company and would like to ask for their con­tinued support,” Mr Tetsu says.

“Building a good rela­tionship between Cam­bodia and Japan is one of the most important factors for us in build­ing trust with our em­ployees and their fami­lies,” he adds.

In 2017, the com­pany was awarded the Cambodian Environ­ment Minister’s Prize in recognition of its contribution to reduce electric power use and increase efficiency, as well as its contribution to the environment.

To have overseas expansion faster than other companies in the same industry and build good relationships with each country we oper­ate and develop mutu­al trust. Mr Tetsu says with its Ultra-precision machine technology and mass production technology as a core, it has become the only precision components manufacturer who cre­ates new value through the “INTEGRATION” of its unique product portfolio combining bearings, motors, sen­sors, semiconductors and wireless products that cannot be found elsewhere. Overcom­ing difficulties in the investment climate and enough pace for expan­sion of its 3rd factory aims to further increase the production of high-value added products in the future.

Minebea will make further investment and long-term human re­sources development in Cambodia with the continued support of the Cambodian govern­ment. Minebea currently em­ploys around 7,000 Cambodian workers, and to expand the workforce to 20,000.

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