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Adapting to Changes Brought by the Little One

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When your baby is born, it will become the most important part of your life. Super Papa

It has been two weeks since my little Athena was born. Prior to her birth, my wife and I have been making many plans for our first baby, but each and every day, our baby daughter, whom we named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, never ceases to surprise us with the new changes she brings to our lives.

Some changes bring more light while others fetch hardship. Yet, as there will be many more years of these to come, we realise we have to adjust to the new life, like all other young, working parents. Every day I have written down all the changes our baby is bringing about, and together, with assistance and advice from experienced parents and family doctor, we are figuring out the best way to adjust to them.

A new lifestyle

Like it or not, you will have to change your lifestyle, including your daily routine and diet. In my case, I can no longer play my videogames once I get home from work like before because I have to care Athena so my wife, who is currently on maternity leave and spends the most time with our daughter, can get some rest. My wife, in addition, has to be extra careful with what she eats; avoiding caffeine and gassy food among other things, because she is breastfeeding our baby. There are many other luxuries and hobbies we have to put on hold for now because of the new addition to our family.

The key to adjusting to these changes is planning, which should be done with a realistic timetable and lists. You should always have fun with your child as much as possible. You should try reading aloud or singing or playing a lullaby for him or her, which have been scientifically proven to be important for the baby’s growing up. You will learn to enjoy it.

Less sleep

Unless if you have a stay-in nanny to care for your child, never expect for a good night’s sleep like before. Babies do not sleep throughout the night like adults. Even a healthy baby, like our Athena, wakes up every 2 or 3 hours and cries, as she needs to change her diaper or be fed. According to experts, this will go one until 9 months of age. The lack of sleep could have a serious impact on you, as it can lead to anxiety and depression. It can also affect your ability to cope with the little one.

Therefore, it is very important to make up for the lost slumbers by sleeping when the baby is sleeping and taking a nap whenever you can during your office hours. If both you and partners are busy bees, you should consider taking turns to check on the baby during the night.

Baby first!Once your little one is born, you will find she or he has become the top priority in your life. It will also be affecting every decision you make in your life. For example, wherever you go, the first thing you will put in your bags will be the things your child needs because at this stage, your child is entirely dependent on you to fulfill their needs. However as they grow into adulthood, this dependency on you reduces over time with better planning.

You can never predict when the money is going to be tight so it is essential to start saving or investing now. The simplest way to do it is to open a bank account with a good long-term interest rate and set aside a certain amount of your disposable income to be put into it.

Every parent wants to be there on his or her child’s special occasions such as graduation and wedding, but as we know with everything in life, nothing is predictable, even how long we will be around. That’s why you have to prepare for the worst by buying life insurance and/or education insurance.

A change in friendshipWhen you have your first child, you will have less time for yourself, let alone time to spend with your friends. This, however, can be both good and bad. You may stop seeing the friends who ask you to go out with them for a night out as you feel they are taking you away from your family. But at the same time you will find friends who have children of their own and you’d rather be around them as it suits your lifestyle with a family. Yet, you will always need your true friends, given all the stress caused by new parenthood, you will need to strike a balance. I asked by best friend to be my daughter’s godfather, which resulted in a boost in our friendship, and my Athena now having another person to love her.

More respect

for your parents Are you are disgusted of poo-poo when you have to change the diaper? And how the lack of sleep is tormenting you? Your parents also experienced the same things that you’re going through now, when you were born. Get them to share ideas with you when you encounter problems, as they have far more experience of raising a child and might be able to get you through it.

Now they are grandparents, their priority and focus in life is their grandchild.

They will never tire of seeing your family so visit with them often. Show them how you appreciate their sacrifices they made for you as you were growing up. Enjoy the time you and your family have with them.

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